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Sometimes you just need a break from faceless texting and online scrolling.

Sometimes you need a break from the rush of the office or the noise of the traffic.

A cold craft beer and good friends can help keep you connected to the world.

It's good to have a place to go, to slow down, and to enjoy what's important -

the little things in life.


We pride ourselves on our relationships with each other and our customers. 

When you're here, you're home. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your day.


























Barnett & Son Brewing Co. was started in 2014 

by Andrew Barnett.


A little about the Owner:

Andrew was an avid home brewer for many years, making many different ale styles in a propane-fired, 10 gallon brewing system.  

Experienced craft beer enthusiasts enjoyed how balanced the taste was, and how "true to the style" each beer was.  Active in his community, Andrew began donating his homemade beer to various community events and fundraisers, prompting many to ask, "Why don't you go pro?" 

After years of sharing his beer with friends and family, he decided to open his own brewery and share his beer with everyone.


This was the beginning of Barnett & Son. 




“Pull up a chair.   Take a taste.   Come join us.

Life is so endlessly delicious.”

The Life So Short.  The Craft So Long to Learn.



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