Newlin Gulch Gold 

Light, refreshing, easy drinking Blond Ale

15 IBU  5.3 ABV

pint/$6.50, 10 oz/$5, pitcher/$18


Blueberry Ale

A crisp summer ale with the flavor and aroma of fresh blueberry

15 IBU 5.3 ABV

pint/$7, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19

Dunkel Weizen 

Oktoberfest beer of wheat maltiness, with a hint a banana. clove and a hint of chocolate. A German beer favorite.

pint/$7, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19

Nevermore Pumpkin Ale

spiced amber ale, clean and malty with just enough hop bitterness to balance the spices- nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, and of course real PUMPKIN!

 31 IBU 6 ABV

pint/$7, 10 oz/5.50, pitcher/$19

Oktoberfest Marzen

Originated in Germany. A rich and malty lager with a balance of clean Hersbrucker hops bitterness. An Oktoberfest favorite.

26 IBU 5.6 ABV

pint/7$, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19

St James The Greater 

Light bodied Belgian Trappist-style ale

European malt & Mittel fruh hopes

26 IBU 4.7 ABV

pint/$6.50, 10 oz/$5, pitcher/$18

Saoirse Irish Red 

red and malty....pronounced "Sher-sha" which means freedom

24.6 IBU 4.8 ABV

pint/$6.50, 10 oz/$5, pitcher/$18

Barrel aged Mo Chroi

Irish black ale, A dry Irish stout, dominated by  roasted and malt barley with a tart wine finish.  Pronounced “muh-cree,” it means “My Heart” in Irish 

25 IBU 5.4 ABV

pint/$7, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19


Falling Skye Scottish Ale ™
Rich and malty character from special Gleneagles Maris Otter barley, imported from Scotland. Hints of whiskey. Golding hops. 32.1 IBU, 7.8 ABV

pint/$7, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/19$

Black & Tan
A layered blend of Falling Skye Scottish Ale™ and topped with Nitro Porter.  



Berliner Weisse

Slightly sour, a German summertime favorite served straight up or with a splash of raspberry or mango. Has hallertau Hersbucker hops.

7 IBU 5.5 ABV

pint/$7, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19


Ida - Rillo Hazy Ipa 

Idaho 7 and Amarillo hops..

44 IBU  6.6  ABV

pint/7$, 10 oz/$5.50, pitcher/$19

Hard Seltzer  ( ask bartender for rotating flavor)

4.2 ABV

pint/$5.5, 10 oz/$4.50, pitcher $16


Rocky Mountian thin crust Pizzas

*small 9 inch round

*large 12 inch round

types of pizzas & toppings



              -pepperoni & sausage

              -deluxe: mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, pepperoni, and sausage 



- Plain salted 


- Bacon and cheese

ask for a side of cheese or mustard

*ask bartenders for free popcorn*





diet Pepsi


mountian dew

diet mountain dew

dr. pepper

orange crush



Bottled water 

peace teas

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